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The website is the exclusive property of the Company under the name "IOANNIS A. KOURTIS S.A." based in Kifissia, Attica (Panagitsas 28, PC: 145 62), hereinafter referred to as the "Company".


Content - Reproduction

It is prohibited, without the prior written permission of the Company, any use, exploitation, publication, republishing, reproduction, copying in mechanical way or otherwise, with or without processing, of the content of the website and the services provided by it, as well as the reproduction of any of its elements, even in the form of hyperlinks or other ways of referring to it.


Limitation of Liability

All information displayed on the website, has a purely informative or advertising purpose, and the Company has made every effort to be accurate, without, however, providing any guarantee or commitment of any kind to their accuracy, reliability or completeness. In case the visitor/user finds an inaccuracy or error, he can report this to the email address:

The Company reserves the right to modify, replace or remove without prior notice any information posted on this website or which is only part of the services it provides. Access to the website may also be restricted from time to time to repair, maintain or publish new information or services. In this case, the Company will make efforts to restore access as soon as possible.



The Company reserves the right to present its customers or the logo of its suppliers, as well as photos of their facilities related to the products it sells, as a promotion of its products on the website or in its flyers.


Privacy Policy

The Company complies with the applicable legislation on the Protection of Personal Data.

The data collected are as follows:


Personal information, such as name, e-mail address, telephone number, as well as details of online activity that occur during the visit of the visitor/user to the website.


Use for marketing purposes:

The information provided by the visitor/user to the Company through this website may also be used by the Company and/or selected external partners of the Company for marketing purposes, but only if the visitor/user expressly gives his/her consent.


Request management

The Company uses the data of the visitor/user when managing his/her requests related to his/her service or the exercise of his/her legal rights.


Social Networks

The Website may provide the ability to share on Social Networks and other related tools that allow the visitor/user to share his/her actions within the Website with other applications, websites or mass media, and vice versa. The use of such features allows the exchange of information with his/her friends or the general public, depending on the settings he/she has set in his/her personal profile. We kindly ask visitors/users to regularly refer to the privacy policies of these social networking services for more information on how they handle this data.


Cookies Usage Policy:

This website uses cookies. Upon entering the visitor/user on the website there is a relevant update on the use of cookies. As long as the visitor/user accepts the use of cookies, by clicking on the relevant option and continues browsing the website, he/she automatically provides his/her consent to their storage.


None of the cookie files used on the site collect information that identifies the visitor/user personally and does not receive any document or file from the visitor/user's computer.


The personal data of the visitor/user are requested, recorded and used only for his/her service by the Company's website. His/her personal information will in no way be given to other companies or organizations without his/her permission, and under the Personal Data Protection Act the visitor/user can access them whenever he/she wishes.


Finally, the Company provides the option to any visitor/user no longer wish to use the website and the services provided to him/her, to submit a request for deletion from Company’s archive. In this case the personal data and data of the visitor/user are deleted and cease to be used.


Modification of Terms

The Company reserves the right to modify these terms without prior notice.

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